A patented system is used whereby light is sent through a fibre glass cable. This cable thus functions as an optical conductor. A light is received at the end of the cable and is compared to the signal that was originally transmitted. Deformation (bending) of the cable is detected by the transmitter/receiver module with which various actions can be programmed in the software.

Principle operation optical detection: Micro-spectrometry, is the measurement of change in the light spectrum, this is the basis of this innovative detection system. Light is a clear signal that can be measured very accurately and reliably with advanced electronics.

The closed system is made up of a plastic optical cable and an advanced electronic module. Use is made of a patented system involving the entire spectrum of light that is coupled into the optical cable. When pressure is put upon the cable provided with mechanical break points for distortions in the cable. These distortions in the cable result in a change of the spectral distribution of the light in which the changing values belong. Including these new values beyond the set limits of detection, a signal will be given.

Only the kink points caused by the mechanical light changes, at the application of pressure using the pre-determined sensor points, finally provide for the detection.

The various parameters of the system to adapt by application are tailor-made, making unique multiple detection combinations possible, making the system intelligent that it can then have the function to carry out auto calibration.

When the pre-set distortion point has been reached, which can be as sensitive as 0.01mm of movement, a signal will be sent from the module unit to immediately stop the unit at its safety function.

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